I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses. A professional set of photographs can MAKE your business, particularly if you’re just starting out. It’s that extra bit of gloss that makes you stand out from your competitors. That bit of polish that says “we know our stuff”.

I work in factories, building sites and do studio work, so my range is pretty wide! A few of my commercial clients have included: The Care Inspectorate, Social Services Scotland Council, Mandarina Shoes, Northern Tool and Rock, Mrs Bridges and even Mackays Jam. I’m also a food photographer, and I even let clients use my kitchen as it’s right next to my home studio.

I also offer a documentary slideshow service for my corporate clients. These are ideal for “setting the scene” and conveying the feel of a business to potential clients and staff. I do love a slideshow, do do ask!

Interior Photography


As any issue of Elle Decor will prove, the importance of good interior photography for any interior designer’s or architect’s business is incredibly high. Your potential clients want to see lush layouts and exquisite detail. That’s how you land those juicy commissions. More of my interior work Interior Photography 


Industrial Photography

Capturing your staff doing what they do best can be tricky. Not all industries are particularly photogenic or take place in a workplace with the best light, but use a decent photographer (like me!) and you can create a gallery of shots that perfectly frame your staff and workplace for use on your company website and brochures. As with anything, it’s all about getting creative.

More Industrial Photography


Corporate Photography

Product Photography

First rule of selling anything: great photos of the product. I’ve photographed pretty much every product out there: clothes, technology, shoes, even jam jars. I love adding to my portfolio, if you’ve got a challenge for me, I’d love to hear it!

More of my product photography work



There’s a real knack to proper food photography. It’s SO much more than just pointing and clicking. Lighting, composition, the perfect angle…it’s a very fine art. I LOVE food photography and take real joy in it. This is a service that’s completely essential to all food bloggers, restaurants, aspiring chefs or anyone wanting a career in the food industry.


Pr Photography

I’ve taken on PR and media assignments across Scotland, and have worked with organisations, companies, sole traders, start-ups and PR Agencies to tell the story of their brand in a professional and creative way. It’s easy when you know how.

More of my PR photography