Documentary  Family Photography

Emma and Simon brought their newborn baby to my studio to have his very first baby photos taken. We took some lovely images of their little new baby and a few with his big brother. 

A few days later I went to their house to shoot at totally different kind of family session.  It’s known as Day in the Life Family Photography. 

It’s a documentary record of what their little family was like in those first days with their new baby and their two year old. There is no posing, no stopping for me to take a photograph. It’s just fly on the wall, as it happens, candid moments. Totally authentic and natural. This is a special collection of photographs. They are not only for today but for the boys to treasure when they are grown and maybe parents themselves. Future generations will laugh at the old tv and their 2019 fashion but the images will be a treasured insight into their family history. I really wish I had that memory of my life when I was little.  

Imagine being able to look back at what life was like in your house when you were little. 

I hung out with them for a few hours and we all had a lot of fun. Being a new parent is wonderful but also hard work. Simon works from home which can make it hard to fit calls and work around the needs of two little boys. 

There was crafts, snack time, playing in they garden, tears, and smiles. All this while running their home and looking after a newborn. 

Kids move fast and I hard to work hard to anticipate what was going to happen next. I loved spending time with this wonderful family. What struck me most was the amazing love that Simon and Emma have for their two boys. They must be exhausted running a house, working from home and caring for two little people but they are so loving and caring and blissfully happy.

Day In the Life Family Photography

If you are interested in having your family photographed in this way then please get in touch with me for more information. 

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