West Sands is one of the best places in St Andrews for engagement or pre wedding photos

Engagement Photos St Andrews. West sands is the best place to take pre-wedding photos in St Andrews. Even if the beach is buy you can still get great photos by the sea

We chose one of the best places in St Andrews to take Hannah and Philip’s engagement photos….West Sands beach. It was one of the hottest days of the year and the beach was very busy but I managed to use clever camera angles to make it look like they were the only couple on the beach. There was very bright sunshine and harsh light which was tricky to work in. I just had to use the light rather than against it to get great photos. Using the blue sky as a feature and the green grass to frame the couple, I think picture has worked well. It would look stunning as a huge wall print!

Engagement Photos St Andrews casual clothes and jeans are best to wear for a prewedding shootHannah had taken my advice on what’s best to wear for engagement photos. They kept their look  natural with jeans and casual tops. Going barefoot is a great idea on the sand and near the waters edge as it’s very easy to get caught by a wave. There is really no posing involved in my pre-wedding shots, just hold the hand of your beloved and have a walk along the beach.  It’s easy!

Engagement Photos St Andrews sun shinning in girls eyes. I took this photo with her looking right into the light so she had to close her eyes and hug tight. Its a good photographic technique for photographing couples when its very sunny It was so sunny, with no shade, so I had Hannah look straight into the light and she kept her eyes closed. Philip hugged her tight. A couple of seconds and we had a great engagement photo. Her hair blowing in the wind adds to the picture. 

Engagement Photos St Andrews a couple in the sand dunes amongst the grass makes Avery romantic imageHannah and Philip had a few moments just sitting together in the dunes. Getting down low meant I could use the lovey backlight to make them stand out from the background. I used some blades of grass to create depth int he picture and some interest in the foreground. I don’t think they even realised that I was taking this picture.It looks great in either colour or black and white.

Engagement Photos St Andrews golden light with the golf course in the background makes this a romantic photograph

Hannah and Philip have walked along the beach together so many times during their time a s students at St Andrews University. West Sands gives you the sea on one side and the championship golf course on the other side. It is such a great place to make great engagement or pre-wedding photos. 

Engagement Photos St Andrews sun shinning in girls eyes. I took this photo as a silhouette Its a good photographic technique for photographing couples when its very sunny I love using silhouettes to create some variety in an portrait gallery. Hannah’s hair was blowing in the very strong wind. 

Engagement Photos St Andrews sun shinning in girls eyes. I took this photo in black and white and showed that the beach was busy and the town of st Andrews is in the backgroundThe beach was very busy  and sometimes it’s good to show exactly what it was like. Hannah and Philip will remember all the people and the dogs and kids that were everywhere that day. The rooftops of St Andrews town in the background is a view that will stay with them for years to come. 

Engagement Photos St Andrews sun shinning in girls eyes. An engaged couple walking through the sand dunes during their pre wedding photo session. a bright blue sy and green grass make it a very colourful image Hannah and Philip walking through the long grass of the dunes, hand in hand. The song colours of the green grass and the blue shy really make this a colourful  photo. It was perfect that Hannah had chosen to wear a blue top. 

Having a pre wedding shoot means that I can get to know a couple before their wedding day. This all helps them relax and is especially good for brides and grooms who don’t like having their photograph taken. I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding in August at Hotel Du Vin in St Andrews. It’s such a great wedding venue and Philip and Hannah are a wonderful couple. I met some of the other family members last month when I photographed Philip’s phd graduation. 

I’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in having a pre wedding session or engagement photos taken.