Piperdam Wedding Photography

Dundee Scotland

Jackie & Brandon


A summer wedding at Piperdam Resort near Dundee.

Brandon and Jackie’s Piperdam wedding was one of these days that I won’t forget. (for all the right reasons)

What a very special couple who are quite simply made for each other.

My morning was spent photographing the girls preps in one of the Piperdam lodges. A woodland lodge in the forrest is just the place to have your girlie morning preps.

The girls all had their hair and makeup done and even Jackie and Brandon’s little daughter was checking out her sparkly eyes.

Brandon and his groomsmen and groomsgirl were down by the loch, perfect for pictures.

Jackie’s brother-in-law had the privilege of walking her down the aisle.

She looked stunning as she walked down to meet Brandon. He looked every inch the handsome groom in his kilt and plaid.

It was a lovely wedding ceremony full of smiles, laughs and a few happy tears.

Afterwards everyone was able to delight in the the lovely scenery while sipping Champagne, drinks and canapés. The weather was amazing and there was a real party atmosphere

It’s so lovely to get blue skies and sunshine for a Scottish, summer wedding.

After the wedding breakfast the sun was setting and it was the perfect time for a few more photographs in the evening light.

No time to waste as the band was ready for that extra special moment when the new bride and groom have their first dance.

Thanks Keiren from I Do Video for being my buddy for the day, I will look forward to seeing the wedding video.001-wedding-piperdam- 002-wedding-piperdam- 003-wedding-piperdam- 004-wedding-piperdam- 005-wedding-piperdam- 006-wedding-piperdam- 007-wedding-piperdam- 008-wedding-piperdam- 009-wedding-piperdam- 010-wedding-piperdam- 011-wedding-piperdam- 012-wedding-piperdam- 013-wedding-piperdam- 014-wedding-piperdam- 015-wedding-piperdam- 016-wedding-piperdam- 017-wedding-piperdam- 018-wedding-piperdam- 019-wedding-piperdam- 020-wedding-piperdam- 021-wedding-piperdam- 023-wedding-piperdam- 024-wedding-piperdam- 025-wedding-piperdam- 026-wedding-piperdam- 027-wedding-piperdam- 028-wedding-piperdam- 029-wedding-piperdam- 030-wedding-piperdam- 031-wedding-piperdam- 032-wedding-piperdam- 033-wedding-piperdam- 034-wedding-piperdam- 035-wedding-piperdam- 036-wedding-piperdam- 037-wedding-piperdam- 038-wedding-piperdam- 039-wedding-piperdam- 040-wedding-piperdam- 041-wedding-piperdam- 042-wedding-piperdam- 043-wedding-piperdam- 044-wedding-piperdam- View Piperdam Summer wedding gallery

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