Hi I’m Ally



Let’s get to know one another…

I think it’s a good idea to get to know the lady who might be shooting your wedding. It’s a big responsibility and it’s important to know you’ve hired someone nice!

So, I’m Ally. I’m super-friendly and I love my job. Originally from Glasgow, my hankering for a life by the sea took me to Monifieth over fifteen years ago. It’s just on the edge of Dundee – a great little vibrant city that’s full of creatives like me.

Photography grants me the kind of creative freedom I always hoped for in a career. Whether I’m drifting through a couple’s big day or trying to make a newborn giggle, there aren’t many days when I don’t count myself rather lucky that this has been my career for over three decades.

I love people. And I especially love weddings. The raw emotion, the unspooling romance, the gorgeous details, the dancing. I love it all. I genuinely get all excited before I shoot a wedding, even after working at so many. Every single one is different: a bit like snowflakes, no two are ever the same. I like to think that maybe, one day, a hundred years from now, someone will be looking at my photographs and say things like, “Wasn’t Great Grandma beautiful on her wedding day?” and I’ll have contributed to a family’s history, to a story that will unravel over many decades. There’s something magical in that.


Has all this made you excited about having me as your wedding photographer...I hope so!      I'd love to hear all about your wedding plans so drop me a line or use the contact button and I'll promise I'll be in touch really soon 

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