Small Weddings

I love photographing small wedding celebrations.  By small, I mean less than 20 people. In 2020 and going into 20201 these are very likely to become the new norm.  I’m so pleased about that as an intimate wedding is often more special than a big do with a guest list to match.

If your wedding is smaller you can blow the budget on  luxuries. 

A la carte dinning , splash out on champagne and have the finest of wines because you are playing host to a much smaller number of guests. 

There’s going to be no hours of agonising over a seating plan and every single person present will be there because you love them.

I love small weddings as fewer guests means that you don’t need to stick to traditional wedding format. You can plan the day exactly as you want it to be. 

Small means, luxurious, bespoke and unforgettable. 

West Sands Beach in St Andrews Scotland is a great location for wedding portraits