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Nov 8, 2018 | Old Course Hotel Wedding Photography, St Andrews Wedding Photography, Wedding Photographer Scotland

Relaxed St Andrews Wedding Photography

November in Scotland is not usually the time couples choose to marry but this day suited Emily and Jamie. They wanted a very intimate wedding and were very keen to have wedding photographs down at the harbour. They had met and fallen in love while they were both students at St Andrews University. It was so fitting for them to return with their close family and friends for their wedding. People had come from all over the world, mainly America,  to see this lovely young couple be married. The ceremony took place in St James Church in St Andrews. It’s a beautiful little chapel and perfect for an intimate wedding.

After a very lovely and moving ceremony the guests headed to the nearby Hotel Du Vin and Emily, Jamie and myself went down to the harbour for some couple photos. It was pretty cold but Emily and Jamie were wrapped up in each others arms and smiled throughout out little photo session. One benefit of a winter wedding is that the harbour was very quiet and quite different from photographing when it’s full of tourists. Emily had brought a beautiful tartan shawl to keep her warm and to add a bit of Scottish tradition to her wedding look.


Cerys and Tom met at St Andrews University while their were both studying. Their love blossomed during. Roll on a few years and they were now back in town with all their families and friends for a fantastic Scottish wedding. St Andrews was the perfect setting for their winter wedding and was a great chance to get both families together for a long weekend. Friends and family had come from all corners of the world to be with them on this very special day. This was are Anglo American wedding set in Scotland Cerys and her bridesmaids got ready in a suite at The Old Course Hotel. They had a fantastic view of the waves rolling in over West Sands. It was a blustery day but there was no sign of the rain that had been forecast.


Cerys looked stunning as she arrived at the church. She wore a Suzanne Neville wedding gown, the one that she had always imagined she would be married in. Even as a little girl she could picture her wedding dress.

She was walked down the aisle by her very proud Dad. After a very moving ceremony with beautiful readings and music Cerys and Tom walked back up the aisle and out into the winter sunshine. Hugs and kisses followed as everyone wanted to wish them well. The two Mums threw some rose petals over their exceedingly happy offspring.

While the guests all headed back to the warmth of The Old Course Hotel we took a quick trip to West Sands beach for just a few quick photos of Cerys and Tom. It’s a very special place for them both where they have spent many happy times walking and talking.


Back at the hotel everyone was enjoying canapés and champagne in the conservatory.  It’s a beautiful room overlooking the championship golf course and it has a quite spectacular chandelier as its show stopping centre-piece. My style of photography is to photograph what I see and not to direct anyone or pose people. So during the drinks reception I am always looking for moments. Funny moments, emotional moments, kisses, hugs, laughter and smiles. The best photos are the ones that no-one realises are being taken.


I loved listening to the speeches. What interesting lives these two have led, and they are so loved by everyone who was there. They are going to have a fantastic future together.

After dinner and coffee Cerys and Tom took to the floor for their first dance. Then followed Mum and Son and Father and Daughter dances before everyone else hit the dancefloor to they party the night away. There was some cool moves at this wedding from all age groups and I got right in amongst them to get some dancing photos.


Here’s their day as I saw it. 

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  1. Mona Ali

    Really loved this set Ally – you’ve captured so many lovely documentary moments and lovely perspectives. Love those shots on the beach – that light!!! Fabulous set.

  2. Linus Moran

    Great work Ally of a great celebration at this iconic venue!

  3. David Weightman

    Portraits on the beach! Very brave but totally worth it, beautiful!

  4. catherine hill

    A lovely body of work Ally – and THOSE shots on the beach – dream light and so dramatic. Wonderful!

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